If I remember correctly, our kitchen is exactly 5 years old this month. We transferred around December 2004 in this apartment and had the kitchen planned and ordered immediately from Kika, yet it took 3 months pa before I could cook something decent. I only used the electric stove …this room was in total chaos then. Hubby did all the painting and tiling afterwards.


This view is from the door leading to the living room. That  translucent door leads to the entrance hall where the kids enjoy sticking their faces flat on the glass like the little boy there. Hubby had planned only half of this area to be our kitchen and have the table placed by the window. It also would have cost half of what we actually paid :D.

He had everything planned but forgot to include the microwave oven so here you see it on the side of the fridge. He chose  nut-color for the counter top to match the dining table (below) since it was supposed to be in there too lol. I use this counter top also as background for almost all of my foodshots.



From the translucent door (beside the aquarium) this is how it looks. Heater below the prep counter (serves as breakfast area too), my grocery cart, 3 high chairs for the kids, and my plants by the window sill. There’s a laptop too for easy recipe finds :D-

This is the window area where I would watch the sky change from gloomy to sunny, or yellow to golden. We have the sun rising always on this side.



This oven and the dishwasher beside it has become 2 of my best loved stuff in the kitchen. The oven suffered a big damage last year when the little boy played on it a la trampoline! It wouldn’t close properly, good thing Mr. Handyman is at home and did a good solution than having it repaired (it would cost 250euros for repair! yayy!).


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