nilaga ing

These are the ingredients I normally prepare for nilaga, spiced with fish sauce and peppercorns.  There’s beef, marrow bones, carrots, potatoes, chinese cabbage and a little parsley.

The beef needs to be tender, so they are the first to go along with the bone, this makes for a really yummy stew. What would happen if I don’t put water instead I put all ingredients at once? Also, not in a pot but in a shallow pan.

Well, I used a different pan, I bought this one for a price that I hope is worth it, its digital and doesn’t require oil…well most pans are like that nowadays.

digipan (I’m having trouble with wordpress alignments grr)

I cooked this dish for 40 minutes which normally would take hours! The digital pad allows users to choose the temperature for cooking and to set the time, believe me 10 minutes for fried chicken is more than enough!…After just 10 minutes the whole ensemble was moist, the cabbage has watered and it continued watering until the set time went off. I only added a cup of water since the kids love this stew. By the way, I didn’t put in fish sauce this time, only half of a beef broth cube, I guess the natural saltiness of beef came out as well. Though it didn’t achieve  the corned-beef-tenderness I like for nilaga, it was still ok for something cooked in 40 minutes!

I only forgot to turn the bone marrow on the other side that it didn’t turn soft enough, only the half of it did lol. Today, I’d be roasting whole chicken and see how it comes out. I do believe, I found a time-saving, energy-saving pan in this!

nilagasa pan

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