For this week, we were given the theme ‘square,’ so I guess the croutons from my previous post would do πŸ˜›

Above, is actually the waffle maker that I sometimes use for toast bread πŸ™‚ Especially when I do not know where hubby placed the bread toaster lol. If time permits I would fry the toast in a pan with butter and garlic but when I started school I do not have that liberty anymore…I would first brush the insides ofΒ  each bread with a mixture of garlic, olive oil, and stuff with cheese, ham…then place and cover in the waffle maker. Press a little then, Voila!


Anyway, here’s something square that we all love, brownies. Here is an interesting step by step way to bake, and I also found other helpful videos on that site.

I apologize for the lack of enthusiasm the past days, rainy days always get me down (lol).


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