(pardon the photos that were taken by my phone SE k770i)
In the German class that I am attending, there’s literally an only thorn among the roses, Nenad. It is a pleasure having him in the group, he is always in a good disposition with everyone, has a good sense of humor but most of all, sweetness that most of thought guys ain’t capable of. Nenad, comes from Serbia, a few hours from Vienna and has had his share of travels in different parts of the world.One of his recent trips over the weekend was in Paris which he often visits as a child since his grandparents lived there. This time, he took his 7-year-old son to Disneyland too along with a bunch of friends.

Come Tuesday, all 9 of us (including our trainer) were surprised (and it wasn’t the first time!) when Nenad gave us souvenirs he bought from Paris, each of us received Eiffel-tower-engraved-keychains and a cute light-changing-pen along with boxes of sweets the French bakers are known for! (I am sure my classmates wondered why I took photos lol). At first I took a macaroon- shaped-chocolate truffle. Exaggerated as it may be, it was heaven in a bite, too bad it was just a bite haha,ย  its the kind that has the right sweetness you like melting in your mouth. Then, I took the chocolate-filled mini eclair , another ‘bitin’ treat!——Last I had was a layered mini-cake (below photos), tastes like tiramisu, with softness that gets better as it lingers, the thin layer of chocolate was a pleasant addition…sayang talaga isa na lang ang natira kasi. ๐Ÿ˜€


I thank Nenad for all the pasalubong, but what I was really thankful for is the thoughtfulness behind that.As mentioned this wasn’t the first time he gave all of us in the group something special. Although there are 9 of us, he wouldn’t miss giving all of us, chocolates or flowers. Somehow, he proved to me that there are still thoughtful men out there ! ๐Ÿ˜‰