When spring comes, the colorful flowers are expected. Red, yellow, orange, pink, even purple, blue and white! Winter to spring is like living in Pleasantville  but suddenly waking up in the present…


Personally, winter colds hinder my enthusiasm in the kitchen, especially baking. Spring as it has always symbolized brings hope and makes me look forward to better cooking days.

The different flowers springing up in various colors…a photographer’s haven so to speak. As I mentioned last week, spring brings with it the allergy and annoyance of pollen. 😛

So how can we enjoy the beauty of flowers sans allergy? Bake and decorate. I am still a novice with baking, all the more decorating 😀 So pardon this cupcakes with melting cream on top lol. I can’t get that right…Also, I won’t be sharing a recipe for now. Hopefully soon!