The kids asked for a cake earlier, so I obliged. My mistake that I didn’t check on the ingredients first, I only have 40 grams of cacao powder and I needed 70…(maybe I just misplaced the package somewhere but I didn’t look thoroughly).

To make up for the lack of cacao I used cadbury chocolate milk…just an experiment too! 😀 This is the reason why the cake turned brown than chocolate, which was crunchy outside and soft on the inside having a consistency of a brownie than a cake…


The kids enjoyed this with whipped cream and jimmies/sprinklers. Naturally I was able to post an entry today for RT because of those! lol.

The recipe I used is the same as the black forest cherry cake from last time less half a cup of sugar since the chocolate milk is sweet already. I’d look up the recipe from my archives and link it later. Meanwhile, enjoy this treat!



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