I promised (myself) that when I’m home, I’d definitely try those food places that fellow bloggers recommended or criticized. Well, the days were short and I just do not have much lust to go around with the heat followed by light rains throughout the day.

Since we live near Trinoma and SM West, it was an easy stop for us to shop and wander about. I looked about and there I saw the FOOD sign: Tokyo Tokyo! So I told hubby let’s try and compare…the salmon that is!


I had to secretly laugh when I heard the cashier greeted, “Konnichiwa ma’am” in a very wrong intonation. hihi. I ordered for hubby and I only since the kids opted for burgers. We took out orders for them from Burger King and its a good thing we were’nt told off not to bring them in at Tokyo Tokyo.Much to my disappointment, the orange-y color of the salmon doesn’t make it as fresh as it should. I do not know which part of the fish the slices are from but they were definitely too thinly cut for me and even the serving of beni shouga was just too less.

tempura Shrimp and vegetable tempura were hubby’s choices. I’d of course dip my chopsticks in his bento a bit too. I don’t remember anything special…oh! one of the staff was giving rice to everyone but we didn’t ask for seconds since the rice we had was just enough for the tempura serving. Next would be california rolls shown here with the red iced tea I ordered. We liked that tea so much fortunately the maki rolls as well even though its only surimi and pickled radish in it…I’d prefer avocado and shrimp…but I have no complains…I should have ordered more.

calimaki Then there’s the siopao asado…I always look for a particular taste of siopao so if at first bite I don’t get that taste it would also be the last. Buti na lang their siopao was that tender and flavory with really good flavored asado! I was able to finish half, kasi kay hubby yung half hehe. I think the little boy ate some of the other piece.

All in all I’d say 3.5 out of 5 for Tokyo Tokyo Trinoma…I was only bothered with something and its not about food from this establishment…While by the cashier placing my order I was looking at the cash registry and saw 285.00 there so I looked for an exact amount of money and got it ready. The cashier though said I’d be paying 460+ so I was a little confused, I added (estimated) all our orders and it does sum up

closer to 460 than 285 so off I went to the table with my tray (red tea not yet included) as the 3 boys and dawty wait. I told hubby about the receipt (I’ll upload the photo later) and I explained to him my “hunch” about the whole thing. A waiter came to bring our red tea so I showed him and explained that the salmon were not in the receipt. He took it and went to the cashier but since the cashier is out of sight I wasn’t exactly sure what he did hehe. He came back to inform me that ‘ok na po.’ So I just dismissed it…mind you, some of the crew were eyeing me afterwards. (now if this is not another sign as stated in 2 Timothy 3:1-7)


So, what if (this is me in an investigative and paranoid mode, do observe when you eat there) they are deliberately not punching in our orders then later on are getting the excess money we paid when they do the inventory. You might have heard of it before…friends of mine who used to work at fast food chains told me that it does happen…Someone orders upto thousand and the cashier punches only a 100 bucks so she goes home with 900 in her pocket no? I hope not…I just saw too much dishonesty and distrust from the people…too much desperation…

I’m not much surprised why people have been apathetic, with the government’s situation and stupidity… it’s no wonder I hear many say they would willingly be Philippine heroes and be written down in our history books given the chance. How? Ah…by assassination of the President!

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