Going home unplanned was somehow a blessing in disguise  as it coincidentally was the same  month a friend based in Japan chose to visit her relatives. Anna and I have been friends for almost 3 years now…I think we met within the Multiply network and we have been exchanging emails, photos, thoughts and experiences, frustrations and laughs since then; even though we have never seen each other yet. In a way, she was the little sister I hoped I had, and I the big (literally) sister she never had. Add to it that I love everything Japanese, I was so glad she helped me with leaning lots of kanji and their meanings.

So we met up one Thursday (flooding!) afternoon and I was so ecstatic receiving these loot directly from Japan! ???????mochi

Mochi, or japanese rice cake from glutinous rice was the first package I opened (You can see the packaging  below, that with samurais fighting (over mochi?)  =D  If I remember correctly, the middle ones are green tea mochi (yumm!) Now I saw the flavors on the packaging too!  lol. Chestnut, with a bit of nut inside…and what’s the other one? I’ll ask Anna later…I just knew they were all good but heavy on the tummy…though I wouldn’t mind snacking them for months on end…Mochiron!

loot japon

Anna brought more sweets for me and the kids and hubby too (he ate so much of the chocolate coated almonds hah!). Here you see a box of chocolate coated strawberry eggs, tikoy slice (?) and a box of choco-coated almonds…
So much for my sweet tooth…naku Anna, thank you really for the sweets and sweetness…But do you think nothing could be sweeter than this photo? 😛
(Little boy trying to steal a kisu from Anna’s little girl.)
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