panacotNormally, dessert comes after the main course no? But as one of my favorite foodblogs take it, when the end of the meal is too good, it can also happen that…Dessert comes first. I had lunch out sometime ago with my 67-year-old friend, old enough to be my mom but  despises being called aunt or lola, so I instead address her “ate.” Too much no? haha.! Hope she won’t read this. Anyway, since the 2 older kids were away we were finally able to visit one of the city’s most recommended resto, Chattanooga. It is situated at the city center so it is  a famous spot for tourists and locals especially Filipinos, I heard the owner’s wife is actually, a Filipina. Though I find the restaurant ceiling too low (and I’m not long-legged) the atmosphere is very homey and the servers really courteous.

Now to the food. Though this melt in your mouth treat is Italian in origin, panna cotta is mostly served in Viennese cafes along with the more famous Sacher Torte. This dessert is normally served with caramel or chocolate sauce and berries…but whipped cream is a great addition too! Ate had the panna cotta while I had the  Topfen (quark/curd cheese)-filled and topped with chocolate sauce crepe (Palatschinken). (Apology for unclear photos, I used my K770i sony ericsson phone 😀 )


Sadly, I had very small room left in my tummy for this special treat. The main dish was too big a serving, perhaps intended for the bigger people who are regular patrons of the place. I had the Rindgulasch, a beef stew, sort of, and almost akin to our caldereta sans vegetables and  less spicy. And like adobo, it gets tastier the next day! Gulasch is usually served with Knödel (dumplings), potatoes, rice on the side and green salad but the ‘classic” way to serve it is as seen in the photo below, just a “Semmel” on the side (Semmel= Viennese bun). (Ala pandesal sawsaw sa kape! hihi)


The slab of spare ribs you see here is one of the three that was in ate’s humongous plate, it is also the resto’s specialty. It has always been said that Viennese spare ribs are generous, as the meat you see are thick and would qualify for  a meal’s viand.  (Imagine 3 of this!) What’s special about this is the familiar barbecue taste and smell that we Filipinos love. Even the sauce that comes with the dish is very Pinoy! Probably a culinary secret shared by the owner’s wife? Too bad, I didn’t get to talk to her. 😉


Now, not forgetting my little boy, as only the bigger kids were away, he tagged along. He sat brav and munch happily on his big bowl of fish and fries!


Chattanooga  is very easy to find, if you happen to be in the City just take  a few steps away from the Stephansdom and take the side of Do&Co or Zara if you find it first. It is a great place to meet friends and have a sumptuous meal at the same time.


Graben, Wien 1st district.
Tel. (43-1) 533 50 00
Mo.-Do. : 8-03 Uhr
Fr.Sa.So : 8-04 Uh

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