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By on August 26, 2009

Baka sabihin ninyo na talaga sobra na ito! haha. Yang Chow rice na naman! Ngayon ito ay para sa hapunan. Ito ay isa sa aming mga hapunana noong pumasyal kami sa Singapore. Tamang tama dahil ang restaurant na ito ay nasa mismong paglabas ng Underwater World, para bang tinakam ka muna manood ng mga isda […]

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Lasang Pinoy | stock photos

Mung Beans and Shrimp

By on August 24, 2009

This week’s theme is beans…I grew up not liking beans except of course baked beans in tomato sauce (Hunt’s in particular). I don’t even like sitaw uptil now. I am posting an old photo of a family favorite dish which I make as often as once a week…one of my first posts in this blog […]

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Yang Chow Rice

By on August 21, 2009

Pardon the repetition 😀 Yang chow rice is just so good, can’t get enough of it so please forgive me if I am posting one again today. This is a quick recipe that you can do when in a hurry…I should be writing in first person here. lol. Be it for breakfast, lunch or dinner […]

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