It actually took me a week to finally write down this part. Gome 🙁

Embarassing as it may, I forgot the name of this precious little restaurant where everything nice is served. It’s like my feet would take me there when I crave for sushi or a salmon dish or when I don’t have the time to cook and hubby is at home waiting for lunch. After school I would take a detour from my usual route…get to that building across the Philippine Embassy’s office, which I discovered when I went there one time to meet a friend. I would order beef rice for the hubby, salmon teriyaki bento for me and off I go home.


This is the view from my favorite seat, that in front of the counter. There are only 3 other tables, these two and another one in front of me plus a few stools by the side with a small counter for those who are in a hurry. This joint is especially for take-out dishes after all.

The menu, as mentioned, is everything Asian. A fusion of Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese and Korean cuisine (where’s Pinoy?). The Ch? giò (minced pork roll) from last week was served as appetizer, but three pieces were actually enough to make you full and for only 3€ per serving… Ch? giò re and Bun Ch? giò (variations) are also served. The difference of this rolls from our usual lumpia is the wrapper used…the rice paper has a distinct crispness that are wrappers lack of :D.

The toridon was also too big a serving for one. Have I no fancy for teriyaki sauce, I would have left it there half-eaten, but the sauce on soft chicken and hot rice was irresistable. 😛 I wonder afterwards where in my stomach could I place a bowl of rice and chicken meat (and 6 pieces pork roll). lol.


Another plus for this hidden haven is the Chef’s kindness (at least for me). He is a very friendly person and is interested in what the customers would say (he’s Chinese). I should know, I speak to him directly everytime I’m there. 😉 Anyway, funny that I don’t remember the resto’s name when it’s one I’d highly recommend…it should have been retained in my memory or it could be, the food is too good I just don’t care what the place is called. Hihi. Will soon update! 😉 Happy weekend!