Do you recognize this pica pica? Right, cheese-covered-cornick! Guess where we were munching them? Ahmmm…. this is an almost overdue write up of that event, an exhibit of three Thomasian artists at the Shangri la sometime in June :D- If laziness bites it’s not easy to get off it’s teeth from under your skin. I bet you’d nod in agreement!

Back in the days, I enjoyed covering art exhibits and painting competitions. It was not only to appreciate the skills and precious works of both budding artists and seasoned ones, it was to rub elbows with them and to photograph them for it’s my purpose there, errr work…Food is another motivation! Kidding (but half meant), food is the spice that keeps everyone in such gatherings, well; ticking. When one gets bored about talking over art, food will be the next best subject. I don’t remember having cornick back then but I surely remember fingerfoods and hors d’oeuvres as the always-present-treats. There were chicken nuggets, nacho chips, mini cupcakes and more.

This event though was covered by my brother-in-law. He knew that hubby and I are Thomasians so he invited us. What a coincidence that the exhibit was a tribute to three graduates of the College of Fine Arts where hubby is also an alumnus. We met Ms. Nady Nacario, hubby’s former professor and also a frequent acquaintance of mine when covering University events.

The exhibit featured works by Oliver Rabara, Jane Arrieta-Ebarle and Mario Parial. Rabara is best known for his caricatures, which for him “is not photography, not painting, not digital art but a a philosophy of caring… looking through a person’s deepest seat, enjoying the moment and the essence of the character it is a philosophy of capturing, reducing someone to an unsightly first, but in the end it is embracing you who has found you.”

Ebarle,Philippine Art Education AssociationPresident is distinguished for her ethnic elements interpreted on her canvasses.

Parial, a Multi Awarded Filipino painter,printmaker, sculptor and photographer, enjoys mixed media in his artworks. His works are also sold at Sotheby’s a nd some of his works were featured in limited edition stamps.

Mary Cristie Que; 8×10″ by Oliver Rabara

Cenon Rivera; Pen and acrylic on canvas, 18 x 18″ by Oliver Rabara

Tausug III; acrylic, 25×25 by Jane Arrieta-Ebarle

Going up, coming down; Mixed media by Mario Parial.

We ended the night with a souvenir photo of course…