Had a glass of Iced Chai Latte earlier…well, where else but at the nearest McCafe, situated just a few minutes from our place. I was actually killing time then, it was lunchtime and it’s Thursday…piano day for the little girl. I pick the kids earlier on Thursdays so as not to be late for the lesson. Today was also their last day at the after-school institution. I brought some baked sweets and candies there in the morning that they can all share for dessert after lunch. I was also doing errands…this and that almost made  my legs give up! So I sat at a corner and savored my Chai…yumm..but I can’t help comparing it with the best Chai I had….some summers ago.

It was at a friend’s house (she’s from India), she herself prepared the (black) tea. In a small pot, she got some water and some stuff that I do not recognize at that time…possibly the usual cardamom, cinnamon and ginger (and some more). She then added milk and sugar…whew! It was not only the sweetness of the milk that brought out the flavors of the spices that got me hooked…it was the cleansing feeling after each sip. That’s what lacked the one I had earlier…this made me full and sleepy.


I also found this in my phone archives. A chocolate chunk cookie and “Babycino,” a small cup warm milk with cream…the server was so nice to put chocolate on it. She was smiling at the little boy behind me as I ordered…she may have thought it was for him but it’s for the little girl hihi.