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Vienna's finest

By on June 25, 2010

Today is our last day to walk around the city before we leave for home. I did some last minute shopping with the kids, and because it’s the month of June Vienna-wide sale, there were lots of people everywhere, tourists and locals alike hoarding their goods. Eating places were also full so we had to […]

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Asian | food friday

Oishii yo!

By on June 11, 2010

Sometime ago Luna posted a tofu dish to which I said I haven’t been fond of…that I would try to somehow include in my menu. So here…one morning when the kids had no school I took them for a lunch out…wait, I had to take them out because I need to submit papers regarding tax […]

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breakfast | Ruby Tuesday

Heavy breakfast

By on June 7, 2010

…for the hubby at least. He is one of those unlike me, doesn’t want to eat breakfasts. He’d go through the day having brunch. I don’t really want him to get used to this so when I have the energy to get up as early as 5am, I fix him some “heavy” breakfast as this… […]

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food friday

Farewell Party

By on June 3, 2010

They were smiling, despite the fact that we were saying goodbye to them. Sean, our Circuit Overseer for 2 years and his wife, Birgit…it was becauseĀ  those two years were spent meaningfully and lovingly together in the ministry. Sean is by far the best speaker I’ve met. His talks and related stories are well thought […]

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