They were smiling, despite the fact that we were saying goodbye to them. Sean, our Circuit Overseer for 2 years and his wife, Birgit…it was because  those two years were spent meaningfully and lovingly together in the ministry. Sean is by far the best speaker I’ve met. His talks and related stories are well thought of  and delivered as Jesus’ was, makes me listen word for word (thank goodness I know steno, I am able to write almost everything).

I don’t know who prepared the cake, it was ube chiffon with the perfect icing I’m not sure which. 😀 I just know it’s the perfect icing for ube! lol. There were actually two cakes, the other one says “we will miss you.”

This is one of those usual gatherings were we in the congregation pitch in some homemade or store bought food. Typically Pinoy foods are served but the kids (teeners) decided to go Japanese and made onigiri with spicy tuna filling. Since they have a special number I helped with the remaining rice balls (not pictured)…In the other photo you’d see empanada, buko salad, mamon cake, lumpia (somewhere there), mac and cheese and fudge brownies (betty crockers!)

No gathering is complete without Karaoke, since everyone were busy filling their plates up, I took the courage to grab the microphone, gave it to the little boy and he sang a favorite Michael Jackson hit, Ben.

We’ll surely miss these two…yet we’re also looking forward to our new CO…

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