Austrian | Review | Wiener Schnitzel

Wiener Schnitzel XXXL

By on April 30, 2011

Wiener Schnitzel, Vienna’s trademark dish (yes, it’s not the Vienna sausage)…is a favorite of my kids. Traditional Wiener Schnitzel is made of veal and this is protected by law…Since the emergence of Schnitzel from pork and chicken, restaurants should identify this is their menu, thus Schnitzel from pork is Schwein Schnitzel and Schnitzel from chicken […]

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Akakiko | Japanese


By on April 21, 2011

If you frequent this blog and my other blog, you probably know who Kuya O is. If not, let me introduce him again. Kuya O was a highschool senior when I was a freshman, he was the head of the whole school, so to speak, he holds the position of Student Council Chairman. He was […]

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Desserts | Macarons

Macarons (again)

By on April 15, 2011

I finally got the chance to make macarons at home. It is never always a success. I had to try a lot of times and had to experiment from a handful of recipes I gathered. There are a dozen tips and tricks given by those more experienced on perfecting macarons. Matching up the filling for […]

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Ikea | Weekend eating

Ikea, haircut and food!

By on April 11, 2011

Two weeks ago I accompanied an aunt to buy a cake turner from Ikea. It is inevitable not to buy when one goes to Ikea. There’s just so many things that you know will make every corner of your home beautiful. Red attracts me the most. We had one side of our living room walls […]

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