Long overdue post…still from last winter, but a rather odd winter day…early in February when the weather should be around 0° and lower, we got about 18° — the sun was really high up which sent the ice skating rink melting…Nevertheless, the kids still had fun on the ice and after an hour or two were really hungry.
Son 1 requested for crepes…Nutella is his favorite so we went to the stalls around the rink – found this 5kg Nutella bottle on top of a stall counter and fell in line. We waited for our turn…I first ordered raspberry and vanilla for my daughter and then the Nutella.
I was waiting for him to ask for some candy canes too but he didn’t. He was happy to have crepes. Finished all that serving on his paper plate.
This was son 2’s first time to skate in an open/outside rink…good thing he can do it all alone now, without the help of his siblings…