If my kids are to choose what breakfast to have everyday, they’d definitely go for doughnuts and croissants. The Kaisersemmel/Kaiser roll, Vienna’s own, only falls third to the American and French pastry in their list. Of course, they won’t say no to cupcakes and muffins too.
It’s heartbreaking that in this part of the world there are no Dunkin’ Donuts, Krispy Kreme or any other doughnut chains we’ve known and loved growing up. If there are flavors to choose from of the very few doughnuts sold at Konditoreis (Pâtisserie) around, it would only be dipped in chocolate, vanilla or strawberry. It would be a very special case if chocolate dipped have nuts…most special if they have something inside like vanilla dipped with chocolate inside (but not whole doughnuts like our DD Bostoncreme).

Speaking of whole doughnuts, there’s the Krapfen or also known as the Berliner, not as soft but close enough and these are the ones filled with vanilla or jam most of the time strawberry, apricot and nectarines.