I love chocolates. I think we all do and if there are those who don’t, maybe they’d count 1/8 of the 1/8 of the 4th of the world’s population. Ahhh I really don’t know – anyway, I’m not talking about them mainly…I’m sharing these yummy Japanese treats…I think I’ve stressed enough how much I love anything Japanese. When my Japan-based cousin came home for a vacation at the same time we did last year, she gave me these yummy mini-chocos…It didn’t last 2 days with us, lmao. I, after all, share the love of chocolates and anything Japanese with hubby and the kids.
Back in Vienna a month later we chanced upon the Aninite – a yearly 3-day convention of anime enthusiasts and cosplayers. Otakus – too strong a word perhaps- as we are, we spent a whole Saturday there taking photos, eating and buying stuff.
We also bought other goodies — souvenir keychains and those….and some kitkat — flavored with Japanese flair (I was looking for green tea but didn’t find one).
We met Mario and the gang too!