Best New Chocolate 2011!
Ritter Sport chocolate variations are some of my favorite sweets…I just love the smoothness of each that I could finish all 16 blocks in one sitting. ^_^ I like the simple Vollmilch and Alpenmilch most. A regular Ritter bar is quite small compared to others I buy so when I saw the Special edition Goldschatz (gold treasure) the first time, I was immediately attracted. Goldschatz first came out in 2008 and I have no idea where I was that I didn’t know…the bar is a whopping 250g, 6×6 squares opposed to the usual 4×4. Goldschatz is a solid bar of milk chocolate containing 40% cocoa – 21% is from the extra special Trinitario bean — you could easily love the pleasant milky flavour that becomes cocoa-ish later on and totally melts smoothly in your mouth.

Just like my Ritter sport favorites, this is not too sweet, not bitter but you will know that this is specially different than the regular ones with the lingering aftertaste brought about by the Trinitario bean — just chocolate that you’d love to have more than any other desserts. The gold wrapper is like an assurance that  this piece of yumminess is so worth every cent. Thus, Ritter Sport Goldschatz is my best favorite chocolate for this year, even if I’m 3 years too late to try it. ^_^