Milka cake

This is one of the few ready-made cakes that my kids love. It’s from the chocolate brand Milka…I never thought of finding out where the chocolate name originated but I did today. It’s from Milch and Kakao – the german words for Milk and Cacao.

Honestly speaking, Milka chocolates are too sweet so it’s not my most favorite brand. For this Kuh cake (cow cake) though, the top layer which is chocolate designed with white chocolate to resemble cow patches — Milka is represented by a lilac cow — is different from the usual chocolate bar. It has the right sweetness and it goes well with the base. The cake is mostly mousse and a bit of soft chiffon layer. It is covered with bits of chocolates, a texture that you’d welcome in every bite. The cake is about 7 inches in diameter, quite small and costs 8euro/10.25$ but I always wait for the 50% off sale every now and then. πŸ˜‰

I think I took a cross-section shot but can’t find it at the moment, would soon do!

Happy weekend!