Admittedly, I spend a considerable amount of time browsing other blogs or going around Facebook groups. I saw this trending topic about Magnum and wondered what’s the hype about it? We love Magnum as much as Haagen Dasz’s cookies and cream or brownie caramel fudge or even Cornetto. Son1 likes the white chocolate-covered bars, son2 likes the one with almonds, daughter likes the double chocolate bar while hubby loves the dark chocolate bar. In the summers, magnum is one of the residents in our refrigerator.

Then yesterday I went at the grocery to buy some bread…it was a lovely morning in Vienna, there was a sudden weather change  on this side of the world and we’re enjoying spring already like the weather jumped a month ahead. Little boy went with me and said he’d love some ice cream…there as he reached for  a Cornetto I saw something new…Magnum Infinity Chocolate and Caramel.

I bought one just to try and love it. It is a creamy chocolate ice cream infused with delicious caramel sauce, covered in crisp dark chocolate with real cocoa nibs. The specific cocoa beans came from Tanzania and provides for a longer and more intense flavor. Well, another addition to our favorites I guess and not because I just wanted to join the bandwagon.  😀

Sold at €1.90 a piece ($2.50 / Php107.63).

Magnum Infinity


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