Another Magnum entry, you might say. Well, yes, I haven’t featured the Magnum variations in this region yet and this is, I think, just the 3rd post, not even half of them.

So this is Magnum Gold?! (question mark and exclamation point included), a slice of heaven in  Madagascan vanilla ice cream with undertones of seasalt caramel…it has what appears to be caramel swirls but are actually delicious golden honeycomb sauce coated with a hard, gold-coloured syrup shell…it’s really shiny haha.

This Magnum Bar first came out in 2010, and I wasn’t blogging about such then…and yes, love this bar to bits as I did Magnum Caramel and Nuts. The shell, an attractive gold is so yummy- milk chocolate dipped in gold…never knew gold could taste this good! ^_^