green mcdonald's
going green

Yes, you read it right, McDonald’s (Mäccy as my kids call it) shed off its red color (I don’t know if permanently) and turned green, not just because they want to but because of a mission…be environmentally friendly.

I had long written a draft about how they waste so much pieces of paper and whatnots in a span of an hour…how do I know? The McDonald branch near our place (somewhere in Vienna) has their trash room just beside the entrance. There’s awfully a lot of trash bags to be seen.

When I order Kiddie Happy Meals, I opt out for the paper boxes that the toys come with, I really find it wasteful since we are to dine in. Even when for take out, the space that box eats is just too much, making carrying everything difficult. (Yeah, I’m one lazy mom). So far, there’s just one lone cashier who refused me giving back the box, she said it’s a standard protocol. :/

When I take out food from them, I receive so many paper bags I would stack them at one big bag and use them as trash bag for old papers. (We do sort our trash at home and they have separate bins in our garbage room, sorted accordingly, picked in the morning individually).

In connection to this mission, they will be giving a cup of drinks priced at 1€ for every paper bag returned to them. So imagine how many glasses of drinks that would be. I don’t need to worry about stacking those paper bags now, we get free drinks and we help mama earth too, everybody wins!

green mcdonald's