schoenbrunn palace
Part of the Schoenbrunn Palace
residenz schoenbrunn
red chairs

A visit to the imperial Schönbrunn Palace will not be complete without a taste of authentic Wiener Schnitzel and Sacher torte…no less or not far than where the royals used to dine. Just beside the Schönbrunn Palace is a restaurant offering local cuisine and world-famous desserts that were the favorites of emperors and empresses back in the days.

It is but just to bring a visiting friend to the Cafe Restaurant Residenz Schönbrunn for a late lunch. The Cafe restaurant is located at the left side of the Palace upon entry…there’s a terrace opened when we came as it was summer, though I bet interior dining would have been good too since it’s exclusively for non-smokers. The kids had fun getting sprayed upon – they’ve installed those sprayers just below the conservatory blinds to keep the air humid.

chicken fillet, cherry tomatoes, couscous

Dexter, our friend had a healthy dish of chicken fillet with cherry tomatoes and cous cous. He was so engrossed in it that we had very little exchange of words throughout the course. We did some snapshots though which I definitely would upload later on.

XXXL wiener schnitzel
XXXL wiener schnitzel

Authentic wiener schnitzel comes from veal, it is legally protected so if a restaurant is to serve schnitzel made from pork or chicken, it should be rightfully noted on menu. My daughter shared hers with son #2 as it’s an XXL serving, too much for her little tummy to take. The dish comes also with parsley potato, her favorite, so there’s not really much left in there when she ate those first.

Favorite, potato salad
Comes with a giant plate of parsley potato too.
Sacher torte
happy with his slice of sacher torte

I shared mine with son #1 but he ate very little of it because he wanted to go ahead with his dessert, a slice of sacher torte. He was satisfied with his slice and kept telling the other two about it that I had to order another one for son #2. :) After the meal, there was only satisfaction plastered in the faces of us five…would definitely come back here and try their other specialties. Kudos to the friendly staff as well, a lovely dining experience becomes extra special with them.