It didn’t rain despite those heavy clouds

Still at the Schönbrunn grounds, Dexter, the kids and I boarded the lilliputbahn going around the palace and up the hills to the Gloriette.

A gloriette (French for “little glory”) is an installation in a garden constructed on such locations, that is elevated with respect to the surroundings. They are often in the form of a pavilion, more or less open on the sides.

The largest and probably most notable gloriette is this one. It was the last building constructed in the garden according to the plans of Austrian imperial architect Johann Ferdinand Hetzendorf von Hohenberg as a “temple of renown” in 1771. It serves as a lookout point for the garden, back in the days, it was used as a dining hall and festival hall as well as a breakfast room for emperor Franz Joseph I.

The dining hall, which was used up until the end of the monarchy, today has a café in it, and on the roof is now an observation platform overlooking Vienna.

gloriette cafe

Nur vanilla eis
Vanilla ice cream…why yellow? 😀

As it was quite warm that day, tolerable but still warm. So we decided to chill it off. They serve breakfast, Austrian dishes, local pastries and coffee. The wind at the back terrace, where we were seated, was really pleasant. The kids requested for ice cream while Dexter and I had cappuccino. It was not the warmest experience we had that week. The servers were not as friendly as those at the Cafe restaurant residence and you get this feeling that they want you to hurry your stay. No smiles, no greetings…and such is a pet peeve.

Unkindness aside, the kids did enjoy their treats, no complains on the cappuccino, we were able to rest from all the walking and yes, we had a brew where the royals used to. We’re fine.

inside gloriette cafeceiling gloriette cafe