By the Natural Science museum

Summer just flew by like that. Now, we only had photos to reminisce what had gone by. Still with Dexter, just walking around the 1st district, we headed to the Museumsquartier and the twin museums opposite it. It was past 12…we had late breakfast but I bet the kids would be complaining anytime soon so we just headed down the Naschkmarkt (naschen means to nibble or snack on), Vienna’s most popular market…although I don’t really know other markets around except for those appearing shortly on Saturdays under train stations. :/

The Naschmarkt has a variety of stalls where one can buy fresh fruit and vegetables from around the world, there are also exotic herbs, different types of cheese, baked goods – as bread, kaiser rolls, and torte, meats, and seafood. There have also been a lot of restaurants which offer different cuisines…there you’ll find the freshest sushi, kebab, fish, seafood and of course traditional viennese food such as Kaiserschmarrn or Palatschinken.

fruit stall

I often buy fresh seafood for sushi here. There’s also our favorite Japanese restaurant, Tokori. It used to have mostly Chinese and Filipino crews but when we came back last time, there are no familiar face to be seen. It seems the management changed over the months or perhaps the year prior. There stood a man in black who seem to be the owner now, manning the crew and greeting the customers. Now, they offer Asian cuisines.

Do you chopstick salad?
salad and chopsticks, try it!

The kids had their usual fare of maki rolls, with cucumber (for B), with salmon (for D) and with surimi (for C). My usual choice of bentou is usually salmon teriyaki but I went this time with tuna just to try it. My meal came with a bowl of salad first and miso soup which daughter happily had. Now, have you ever tried eating chopsticks with salad? What I had were a combination of greens and reds, carrot, onion, cucumber slices and corn kernels on vinaigrette.

My bentou also had salmon sashimi, futomaki, rice and lychees (not in photo) for dessert. The tuna teriyaki came with a variety of vegetables, zucchini being my favorite.

Futomaki kleinSalmon sashimi Tuna, veggies, rice...Zucchini on rice

duck on mango

Dex went Thai, he chose half a duck breast on mango sauce which proved too big of a serving because we came home with half of it. Though he really enjoyed it he saved some space for dessert than going all out. Why not, we got free dessert courtesy of the owner. ๐Ÿ˜‰

We were served caramelised banana, sort of in a tempura batter with honey. These are like banana fritters from home. After that hearty meal, we went about the Naschmarkt and bought some cooking ingredients, headed off to walk a bit more and landed at the Mariahilferstrasse, a shopping street…but that’s another story.

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barrel, naschmarktstairs