This year’s summer definitely came so late and was spent too short! Gone just like that and spent with rains too. On those days when it really gets hot – which I don’t complain about really, I try to get me some frozen yogurt. Shops selling them sprouted like mushrooms in a span of 3 years and even ice cream parlors and gelateria offer them too. There are two shops I frequent though.

What I like about frozen yogurts/froyo is that they go well with fruit flavors. I’m not so certain about what they say about froyos – I’m sure yogurt as is is healthy and when food is taken in moderation, it’s alright. So here are some of the frozen yogurt I had – some  I forgot to take photos of, others I can’t find the photos of. ^_^

froyo blueberries

With blueberries. Blueberries are power-fruits. They contain essential dietary mineral manganese, vitamin C, vitamin K and dietary fiber . This was  bought from a funny Italian polyglot at a smaller Zanoni and Zanoni parlor offering just frozen yogurt – it is opposite the bigger and more famous gelateria which serves ice cream, gelato and a lot more of Italian sweet goodness.

fruits of the season

Pardon my nail’s color, already cracked on second day. :/  This one is vanilla yogurt and some fruits of the season! It’s from the Tuchlauben Eissalon – I got a piccolo but this looks venti instead. Their selection is so far the best I’ve seen, they even have gelato with macaron toppings!


I am one of those unfortunate to be allergic with peaches (and apples, nectarines, kiwi and some more fruits) but, I’m glad I can eat the canned ones…it’s only the fresh ones that make my throat really itchy. I got this from the same Zanoni and Zanoni shop but from a different server.

Frozen mango yogurt
mango yogurt

I came back to the Tuchlauben Eissalon to try their mango yogurt offering. I had it topped again with the fruits of the season but this time with amarena cherries. Boy was I surprised when it came oozing with syrup! Beats the purpose of me avoiding too much sweets. Although I can’t really say that all of these frozen yogurts are sugar or fat-free…at least, leaving out toppings that have artificial sweeteners is better.

Berries good!
berries good

These strawberries and raspberries on vanilla yogurt is again from the Italian polyglot. I say polyglot because when I come by he speaks to me in English and when I reply back a bit in English and then German he switches to German. When I ask ‘que tal?’ he smiles and says ‘bien ‘ then he would say ‘grazie ‘ in his distinct Mario-like diction.

yogurt, strawberry ice cream, strawberries
yogurt, strawberry ice cream, strawberries

Probably one I am guilty of having is this big serving of dessert. That’s 3 scoops of strawberry ice cream covered in yogurt – not frozen this time but the ice cream made it really cold topped with fresh strawberries. This was what I had when I went with my son’s class to Laxenburg, a small town near Vienna. And I find it unfair that you get out of the city and this much costs only 5€! As usual, I wasn’t able to finish this. So I guess it would have been better when shared. Would you like some?