Sometimes, I wish I have someone who I can always drag to go with me. Just to go about the city, gawk at the historical places, eat at all the fancy restaurants and even at the corner store selling kebap; have cake and tea, talk about stuff that aren’t mundane and do other things bestfriends do when they’re together. You see, I don’t have that kind of friend, particularly a girl friend -yeah, I feel like my social life seemed like a sorry one. Most of my colleagues are older than I am, most of them work throughout the day and sometimes I can’t have intellectual conversations – just because. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not looking down on anyone, but it’s probably only hubby who can relate to my way of thinking and to stuff I’m interested with. And he too, has to work.

That’s why I am thankful that Kuya O came to Vienna even for 4 months. Walking around became lively, eating has become more enjoyable and conversations were suddenly interesting and full of humor that sometimes, actually – a lot of times we wouldn’t be able to get off the station we’re supposed to for so much talking. It’s not always positive talks though, he could get nasty but I understand, I reciprocate in the same way but I think I need to practice a bit more. (lol). So one day we decided to visit the Schönbrunn palace and gardens despite having been there often. It’s a must – when you visit Vienna, you just have to see this grand palace, the ballroom and the gold-plated walls in it, the gardens, the collection of carriages, the gloriette, the view from the hill and even the aquarium and the zoo.

Residenz Schönbrunn is the yellow building there with green doors

But, before you go in to feast your eyes with what Royalty was or have a tour of the elaborate mazes and amazing landscape…stuff yourself with energy! Just by the Schönbrunn palace is a well-known restaurant serving local cuisine. It’s called Residenz Schönbrunn and although a bit pricey than the usual fare, it’s really worth every €.

Their offerings include breakfast, full lunch meals, dessert and Austrian pastries, coffee and wine. The last time I ate here, I got the XXL Wiener Schnitzel shared with my son. Kuya O and I chose to dine al fresco but we can’t help but swoon at the lovely baroque-decorated interior that is characteristic of most Austrian buildings.

restaurant’s interior

For that day, Kuya O and I didn’t have breakfast (as usual) yet and it was around 10! We went to the embassy, I think (this post is 3 months late!) that brought about the tardiness. So instead of just breakfast, we went ahead with lunch, thus – brunch. I ordered a toast while Kuya O had gulasch soup. I also asked for Kaiserschmarrn as dessert.

The toast came with some homemade potato chips which I munched on happily in between talking and laughing and feeding a friendly, little sparrow. The gulasch soup is reminiscent of a Filipino dish called caldereta sans carrots and other vegetables. Potatoes could be included and meat could be venison, beef or pork…I think Kuya O had beef. His bowl came with a kaiser roll.

toast, chips, kaiserschmarrn

Kaiserschmarrn is a type of pancake which means Schmarrn (scratched pancake) of the Kaiser (emperor) as it is a dish originally served for Emperor Francis Joseph I. Kaiserschmarrn is categorized as a dessert served with apple sauce, lingonberry jam (in this photo) and other jams depending on one’s preference. But, its flexibility as a satisfying dish makes it a good candidate for full meals. You think I finished that? No, I had Kuya O eat half!

After eating and paying up, we went about the palace grounds. Went up the balcony and just stared at the horizon of clouds, greens and a history of majesty and royalty laid out in the landscape.

At the moment, I may not have a friend who I can drag anytime when I want to, where I want to…but somehow, I am thankful for those who’ve taken and will take the time to seat with me and have tea. ^_^

gulasch soup

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