waiting for food, son 2 took this pic lol

School started two weeks ago and it means being out and about, buying this and that, submitting documents and whatnots and a lot more hullaballoos! I sometimes find myself lacking time to prepare decent meals not just for myself but more importantly for the three tigers I have to feed. They may be small (yet) but their appetites are bigger than mine!

Conveniently, we live near a mall two tram stations and some steps away. We did some of the school-supplies-shopping there and our out-of-time dine ins. :/ One easy spot for us would be the Merkur restaurant. It’s an open, self-service, dine-in kitchen – very informal, one would say but the food is really okay by my standards.

Kaiserschmarrn and fruits

I’ve featured the Kaiserschmarrn often but only plain, here it is served with blueberries, strawberries, raisins and sugar dusts. Looking back, Kaiserschmarrn does have raisins always, sometimes really embedded deep into the batter. This plate comes with Zwetschgenkompott or stewed plums. Too sweet for lunch but like before, it’s like a main course and dessert in one! Being a serving so big for me, I share this with my youngest son.


My daughter had the rissoles served on mashed potatoes and fried onions. They all love fried onions, that they’re putting it on every rice meals and potato meals. As a wise mom would, I take advantage of this fondness and serve them food that goes well with it. They can always finish a plate or two every single time!

I jokingly said on my Instagram post “Why can’t rissoles be photogenic?” I did get “lols” as responses. As son 1 always say “the yummy-looking food sometimes taste bad while the unattractive-looking ones are the best.” And this is the case for these rissoles. Dawty shared this with son 2 – he wasn’t in the mood to order anything.

hash browns

I think I raised a sensible foodie. My 7-year-old son (son 2) ate all 3 giant hash browns with very little help from me.  When he saw I still have food on my plate, I was scolded; “You’re wasting money with your leftover food eh!” And went on eating a bit of my Kaiserschmarrn. Not minding all that, he continued fork after fork devouring the hash browns dipped in sour cream and chives and also finishing the bed of salad it came with.

For those who haven’t met my kids yet, below is a photo of them – after all the swimming and summer activites that “toasted” their skin. Son 1 is the family clown, thus, the face – he would always make such faces to annoy me. :/ Son 2 is the hamster – see those cheeks? And there’s our unica hija, very shy at times. Well, most of the time. 😀

kiddos eat
customary pic 🙂