On a rainy and cold day, nothing’s better than having a warm bowl of soup and a good book for company…that, or you could fly off to sunny Spain to temporarily escape the wintry feel that’s blanketing the region. The second option proved a bit expensive so I instead went on with a plan to dine out with a friend. It was at a Spanish restaurant at one of Vienna’s oldest streets.


photo 1 (9)
Vienna’s oldest street corner on a rainy morning.

For a lot of times, I’ve brought friends touring the city to this street and the tin cans on the windows became a sort of attraction to me and whoever I take there.

photo 2 (7)
tin cans for that Spanish feel

Bodega is the Spanish word for cellar/vault (it is the same with my mother language, Tagalog) and bodeguita is the miniature term thus, Bodeguita El Pulpo’s smallishness defines the restaurant very well. Situated at the basement of one of Griechengasse’s old buildings, an almost vaulted ceiling, bit low – designed like how a wine cellar should.

The interior represents everything Spanish, a bull head mounted on the wall speaks for this. Small tables were arranged neatly for twos and fours but it’s not a problem if you come as a crowd, just sitting close to each other would do the trick.Continue Reading…