“Just because I can’t sing, doesn’t mean I won’t sing.” – My mantra since I have friends who can really belt out high notes and can manage to cover new hits without so much a sweat. Now, double that singing gathering with good food and I will really give it my all. While the Philippines, Japan, and Korea among other Asian nations will have karaoke bars in literally every street possible, Vienna has very few. There are those you can rent for a price with food would served along, but I find that they aren’t easy on the pocket. And that is why Yori, a korean restaurant in the middle of the city is a favorite among foodies who also love to sing (read: me).

korean restaurant yori
Red interior, cc: Vanessa A

One gets a welcoming ambient and the deep red interior gives a serious ambiance that spells good food and well-prepared plating. Yori offers a variety of korean dishes and its traditional barbecue.

Yori spread
Spread, 4 kimchi side dishes

Located at the center of Vienna, the restaurant offers fine korean dining experience, complete with Gogigui (meat roast), albeit portable stoves are provided for ease of use ( I seem to not have a photo though). Attendants here are very friendly and accommodating, coming from different backgrounds mixed in an environment of good service, diverse languages, and sincere smiles. They would readily bring you a gogigui once requested and help you a bit with the barbecue-ing.Continue Reading…