It’s supposed to be a sunny spring afternoon, but as April would have it…there was some rain, gray skies and quite cold winds for this time of the year. It does happen often in April, dubbed as the crazy-weather month that does what it likes in this part of Europe. The sky would have been perfect in blue, as a backdrop for the tulips that I, unfortunately, didn’t see much this season.

April weather: volatile, changeable weather…a spring too cold


But no weather so bad could stop foodie friends from seeing each other and bonding over food, right? So off the wet streets I go, turning left then right, navigating the familiar streets I visit when I buy Japanese ingredients. Matcha Komachi, a rather small food shop that could barely seat 25 people but offers some of our favourite Korean and Japanese dishes heartily awaits.

Just about the right restaurant for people who likes anime and koreandramas! (Raising my hands here.) And am happy to share a meal here with fellow animelovers and koreandrama enthusiasts! 😉

komachi counter

The restaurant is small compared to some of the Vienna’s that offer sushi. Thing is, I prefer this small ones, as I know the chef takes his time making them dishes. Just like another of our favourites, a family-owned Japanese restaurant a few meters away from Matcha Komachi: Kuishimbo.

The first thing I had was the matcha komatchi set, it has butterfish, and eel sushis, avocado, and cucumber makis. I love eel, without hesitation so this dish, albeit looking scarce is alright.Continue Reading…