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Almer’s sizzling (for Food Quote)

August 10, 2010
jerk chicken

(Sizzling Jerk Chicken for Rube)

The quote simply means that most consumers buy a product not because of what the product is, but what the product will mean in their lives. People don’t buy insurance, be it personal, house or auto insurance, they buy its benefits such as freedom from economic ruin and peace of mind. Let me ask you though, would you prefer the sizzle than the steak itself?

A day before leaving the Philippines, hubby brought us and the kids to our alma mater, UST (University of Santo Tomas). We visited colleagues at the Varsitarian, the university’s campus paper, now situated at the new Student Center building. It is situated in front of the Main library where statues formerly stood. We met up with Ipe (Salvosa), then editor-in chief during our time, now a professor and writer at Business World. Another colleague, Bloom (Rule) came, she was then associate editor and my classmate in Journ class.

We also had the chance to visit Almer’s (Alfredo St., Sampaloc, Manila), a small food house serving sisig, sizzling dishes and pancit. For former students, visiting Almer’s is like walking down memory lane. That smell sticking to your clothes as you leave and went to class, the free extra gravy and mashed potato on the side, of course the many kwentos shared between classmates and friends rolled into one sumptous meal is simply priceless.

sizzling spare

(Sizzling spare rib with extra gravy for Ipe)

The hubby had sisig which he seemed to have eaten quite a number of times while we were in PI (yes, not so healthy). Not knowing when we will be back there or if the place is still there when we get back, I indulged. The kids had chicken-rice, mashed potato and pancit canton while I had sizzling chicken but forgot to take a photo of…

Still, the same goodness I used to remember. No wonder, those who have graduated still comes back and would also bring their colleagues there…former owner Cynthia David (via the Varsitarian) once said that she’s really happy seeing her former customers who wore UST uniforms come there now wearing doctor’s gowns and business suits.

sizzling sisig
heart attack waiting to happen!

(Sizzling sisig with egg for hubby)


Back to the changes at USTe….

There really were big changes at the campus…The former Colayco Park and Coop-store behind the Library have been removed, it is now an open park with a fabulous fountain display. The kids surely enjoyed watching it, though I miss the gigantic kois that used to glide gracefully at the small pond.


The coop store used to have stalls selling assorted fingerfoods, sandwiches and some decent meals. I remember their mojos well…though I’m not sure if those were house specials or those were from Shakey’s :D.

fra angelico

Fra Angelico, the College of Fine Arts and Design building where hubby defended his LOTR Thesis (Yep, 2001!) Now fully functional…lol. This was barely used during his stay.


lover's lane
sun has set

The infamous lover’s lane has also gone renovation, much beautiful than it used to be though lovers are prohibited here now. The walkway leads from the main entrance (Arc of the Centuries) to the Main Building, it was called so because a lot of pairs spend their time here.

Walking there was a really nostalgic one…I was glad that we were able to bring the kids there and proudly told them that dad and I used to be part of this university…

More of the changes soon…if you want to join Food Quote, click here.

  1. Hi zel, nice sizzling stuff! i like the one ur hubby ordered. pero di ko masyado love ang sizzling serving dahil pag labas ko ng resto sizzling food na rin amoy ko. hehehe

    Saan ba alma mater mo? Nice place and it’s a nice feeling to visit once in awhile.

    Thanks for playing along this week.

  2. Great post. I’ve had Filipino food a few times before (there was a Filipino restaurant in Fort Myers, Florida where I used to live) and absolutely love it. The Sizzling spare rib with extra gravy in your post sounds very good — making my mouth water as I type! 😉

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