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Loving McCafe at Austria’s First McDonald’s Chain

September 9, 2012
A tram at the city center

Just before the school-year ended, my daughter participated in a play supervised by Vienna’s Burgtheater. I went with her during rehearsals while I leave the boys with their dad. On the final night of her performance, we all went to the theater to support her.

The theater is located at Vienna’s first district. We always walk when we’re there, just going nowhere, but for that day we had to go to the theater so we boarded a tram…and since we’re often just walking, I didn’t know that the tram we took would be going the other way, lol. So we got off somewhere still near and walked…It was past snack time but still too early for dinner. Still, the kids said they were hungry.

walk the walk

Then we saw the sign on the other side of the lane. McCafe, kids requested (pretty please) to buy some sweets, we only wanted something light, so we can still eat dinner later, and since we have to be at the dressing room the whole time daughter’s on stage. (Protocol says someone should be accompanying the kids involved in the play while waiting for their part.) I also planned to take out food for when they later become hungry.

We’ve always loved McCafes, not only do their Chai Latte, babycino and cappuccino but the sweet treats and cake slices as well. If sugar doesn’t make one sick, we’d probably be having something from there more often.

McCafe sighted
since September 9, 1977

This particular McDonald branch is celebrating its 35th anniversary today…though it was of course only lately when McCafe was integrated. This first branch is located at Schwarzenbergplatz.

It has been since renovated and is now one of the most modern-looking among the branches.

Pointing “Vienna”
Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte, Macarons

The boys got their usual fare, French macarons. I did too, I got caramel along with Chai Latte. Son1 got lemons and son2 got pistachios. I haven’t been baking these for a long time now that we only get our fix at McCafes, Gerstner Konditorei being far from where we live.

My daughter loves black forest cherry cake and she would almost always ask for it immediately unless there’s Apfelstrudel.

It took us very few minutes to finish these, I ordered my take out and we went ahead to the Akademie Theatre to prepare. It took about two and a half hours for the play to finish (prep, play and all) and we had dinner very late. But, that’s another story.

schwarzwälder kirschtorte. mccafe
For daughter, blackforest cherry cake
 schwarzwälder kirschtorte, macarons
lemon macaron for son1, blackforest cherrycake for daughter
macarons lemon pistachion caramel
Macarons: lemon for son1, pistachio for son2, caramel for me


pistachio macaron for son2

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  1. McDonalds is one of the places I try to visit wherever I am in the world as there’s almost always a McDonalds. McCafe is also an excellent addition to the McDonalds chain as it adds variety to their offerings.

  2. Well… it seems like Mc Cafe in Austria really is worth the hype. The one here in Italy is kinda lame. -_- I still love the American version or the one in Netherlands. But, OMG I looooove Apfelstrudel like your daughter. I don’t remember why I don’t like macaron’s I think I had something with coconut. I’m not a big fan. 🙁

    Seems like a a fun trip! Where’s your pic? 🙂 Would love to see you in there with the kiddos. 🙂

  3. there’s a McCafe near us (relatively, lol) but don’t know if they offer one of them macarons…it just got renovated. must visit them. soon. 🙂

    thanks much for trying to link over at Food Friday, G.
    ps. alam ko na bakit di ka maka-link with Inlinkz…mali and link mo (you linked to
    hehehe. 😀

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