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S’baggers – Let the Food Slide Down

August 22, 2011
timber framed house typical of Nuremberg and other cities in Germany

One of the cities I first set foot on in Europe is Nuremberg/Nürnberg. Thanks to my mother-in-law who  lives in Fürth, visiting her would also mean being able to walk around this historical Bavarian state. Thanks to her too, we were treated to this yummy lunch out during our recent visit.

S’Baggers is one of the few automated restaurants around the world. There are servers, yes, but they are not there to serve you food but instead guide you on how the restaurant’s system works.

truly colorful interior

S’baggers have metallic tracks from upstairs that send food and drinks directly to the tables. Customers order on touch screens, swipe their cards on built in readers, select food and drinks which are extensively described too for easy picking. The kids find this really cool! Customers can then wait for their food with a read-out that shows when the food is expected to be delivered…and whenever there’s food coming down, you’d see diners looking up!

metal rails where food goes down
food inside, pots are strapped to the metal railings

Food comes in pots like the one above and are strapped neatly…they’re truly hot! S’baggers’ menu borders from traditional German cuisines of seafood, poultry, pork, beef, vegetables, soups and side dishes to pasta, sauces and unique German desserts.

What I got is a dish so close to my heart and palate – baked, super tender pork escalope served with ham, cheese and pineapple on top! Yumm! It’s a really fun experience and the food so yummy, I’m left speechless! ^_^

escalope hawaii


Am Steinacher Kreuz 28,

90427 Nürnberg, Germany ?

+49 911 4779090 ?

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  1. Jeez! First time I have heard of an automated restaurant! That must be an exciting experience for you and the kids! I’d love to experience the same thing too. Hahaha! I am impressed by the cozy ambiance. By your vivid description of the food, it sounds divine too.

  2. Wow! Automated resto? I wonder what’s next! 😀

    I think I like that way of having the order served in pots. Makes it feel like you’re just dining at your very own home! 🙂

  3. I felt a little excited imagining how it is to dine in an automated resto. I bet you had an amazing experience there Sis.

    An automated resto is not so common even in developed countries and I admire the people behind this concept. Truly one of a kind 🙂

  4. automated diner? that sounds really cool. what about soups? no hot showers er, splatters from above ^_^

    i’m so amazed at how plating looks great. your plate looks yummy!!! complete!

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