Winter finally manifested itself in our region…though it depends on the person wanting to view it as fortunate or otherwise. We have had an inch of snow for a 3-day downpour…and as they say it’s like winning 10 cents in the lottery! ^_^ Not much snow photos to show this time around then. And as the kids’ semestral break came, I had planned for us to go about the city, eat and explore museums. Unfortunately, I fell sick on the first day the snow came (bummer!). So the kids and I only had the chance to visit a hole in the wall restaurant serving home-cooked Japanese goodness! The restaurant, called Kuishimbo, is owned by a Japanese couple who acts as chef (husband) and server/cashier (wife) and they are with their 2 sons who help overall as well.

very dry winter – I imagine Tokyo’s food joints like this too

Before actually going, I researched and called the establishment. A lady answered the phone and I asked if it’s alright to bring the children along as I’ve read that it’s not a good place for kids, she said yes. I was surprised and I understood why it was so when we arrived. The place is very narrow, only 9 people could be seated inside – in the cold season. In summer though, they have outside seating. The lady I had talked with earlier greeted us upon entry and I greeted back in Japanese…from what little I know of. The place smells very Tokyo, well how I imagine it to be with the small space and the interior – very Japanese!

outside and inside view ^_^

We had to wait a bit to be served…as soon as we did, we ordered from the menu (adorably plastered on one side of the wall – in Kanji, romaji and German). As certain as the sun rising in the morning, my daughter ordered miso soup…I asked if they might like takoyaki and I was answered with a resounding “yes!” So we got two orders of it (5 balls each).

Miso Soup

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