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Unagi Nigiri

April 15, 2010


When I started foodblogging, there were a very few blogs that I hop to. Four of them were Japanese and of course there’s Oggi’s awesome food blog. Two of the Jap foodblogs are still on the run and I’d drop by once in a while to see what’s new. Obachan’s kitchen and balcony, now called Still Clumsy with Chopsticks, still has the awesome photos I enjoy everytime I swing by. Her latest post is mango jelly made from mango juice which I had in a cook book I stacked somewhere…hihi. It seems she is away on a trip so I’ll wait for her next tempting post for the moment. Nobu’s Japanese Oishi Food features a lot of dishes with a quick description of what the food is about, a bit of Japanese to English translation of words, which I really enjoy too.

I’ve long wanted to make the Unagi donburi (Grilled eel on a bowl of rice) or at least an unagi nigiri (eel sushi). When we go eating out, I would look for it in the menu but to no avail. I’ve also tried my favorite restaurant at the Naschmarkt since I buy tuna and salmon there but they also don’t have any. Obachan has a very interesting story about how the Japanese started the custom of eating eel during doyo no ushi no hi (day of the ox in midsummer), to read, please click here. Somewhat related, Nobu stated in a post how nutritious unagi is…he also mentioned how unagi’s secret is actually on the sauce served with it being a tasteless fish.


So I finally succeeded in finding unagi, 2 tram stations away from our place. 🙂 I was supposed to just buy some yakisoba for quick lunch…saw them there, resting at the glass display in front of the chef…I asked him nicely if they’re on the menu as nigiri, but he said they are only served on the special “boat” menu. Nice as he was though, he told me he could make some for me (Yoohoo!) for a price of 1,90€  (2.85$ / 114.50Php) each.

Yes, all worth the hunting for…if I’m not cutting down on rice, I’d definitely have this again and again…


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  1. I must admit that your entry looks so yummylicious, but the thought of it being an Eel (I know,I’m ignorant :D) , i have to pass, maybe if you didn’t mentioned it,I’ll dig in immediately.:)
    Thanks for joining FoodTripFriday! 😀

  2. wow unagi… ang galing mo naman sis.. fave ni hubby din ang unagi, ako hindi masyado pero yours looks so oishii.. mahilig ka pala sa japanese food. Tumira ka ba dito dati? ANyway happy weekend =)

  3. Aylabit, sis! Sarap nito, gusto ko rin ang grilled unagi. Natikman ko ito years ago pagpunta ko ng Japan and I agree, the sauce makes the difference. Pag may tiyaga (na maghanap) talaga, may matatagpuang unagi!

    P.S. Buti naman at naka-comment ka na rin. Daming arte kasi ng blogger e hihihi.

  4. Looks good enough to eat, like some I have not tasted this kind of fish. Mapili kc ang mother ko when I was growing up. She doesn’t serve certain kind of fish, and now I only eat what is known to me.

    Happy weekend! And thanks for stopping by.

  5. haven’t tried eel yet … usually we order sashimi; tried maguro once and that was the end of it, lol. maybe i’ll try that next time we eat in one of our fave jap resto. 🙂

  6. Thanks for the shout out.:)

    I haven’t had lunch yet and the photos are making me soooo hungry. I love unagi which is difficult to find at the grocery store, although they are available in Japanese restaurants.

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