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Wienerwald – More than just Chicken

July 2, 2013


getting lost…not!

It’s no secret that I enjoy getting lost around Vienna on purpose. I walk around a lot and often end up on streets with flower shops at the corners, hole in the wall restaurants and even old bookstores and trinket shops. And I always  share them on my instagram account (follow me if you haven’t yet and I’ll follow you back). Most of the time, I also end up on secret streets, fully on cobblestones and which are actually leading to some places I am really familiar about. Surprise!

Above photo is the Esterhazystrasse, a street just above the Herrengasse train station. I, along with Kuya O (visiting friend from Japan), went up the side I haven’t been to before. If you’ve noticed I’ve been out and about and dining a lot with Kuya O, well, that’s because we are the only ones who could often go out at early hours. He’s on a research-trip which he does on his own hours and I’m a blogger, I can blog even when I’m out of the house. 😉 And all our friends has to work!

People-watching people watching a street performer. ??
People watching

We walked around the area and ended up at the city centre – talking about random things, sitting a bit and people watching until we got hungry. The city centre is where tourists abound. The Kärtnerstrasse is a closed street exclusive for shoppers housing designer labels and rtws, souvenir shops and of course a plethora of food joints – formal dining, fast-food, even street stalls. It is inside the famous circle of important buildings and perhaps culture Vienna has been built upon. Strategically too since tourists are like busy bees and definitely would go hungry after a long walk.

If you know your way around, you will easily find a food shop of what you are craving for at the moment. For example, the Sacher Hotel is at one end across the Opera house and on the other side of Starbucks. So you can choose between a slice of sacher torte and a cup of melange over a cappuccino and  truffle cake, but, you never have to go far.

Anyway, enough of the babbling (sorry I got carried away). We went to one of Vienna’s old restaurant chain, Wienerwald (existing more than 50 years now). It literally translates to Viennese forest/wood but it doesn’t actually originate in Vienna, the chain started out in Munich. The restaurant is famous for its roast chicken, schnitzel and mostly poultry offerings but through the years has also increased their menu including the more famous Austrian dishes. This branch is found in Annagasse, one of the inner streets in the stretch of Kärtnerstrasse.

Schweinsbraten, Sauerkraut, Knödel

So Kuya O had Schweinsbraten served with Sauerkraut and Knödel…really tender roast pork, sour cabbage and dumplings swimming in a sauce that blends suitably. Hah! Don’t wonder why, in an attempt to document our food trips, we had to try each other’s dishes as we previously did. ^_^ I sometimes wonder if Asians have smaller stomachs than Europeans or do Asians just talk a lot while eating, becoming full too soon – we always end up not finishing a meal. :/

Tafelspitz, Kartoffel, Horseradish

On my plate would be Tafelspitz, it literally means tip of the board – so it’s like “tip of the meat for the table” (lol). This dish dates back to the 1800s as it was a favorite of Austrian emperor Franz Joseph I. It’s basically beef  from the bottom sirloin primal cut boiled with root vegetables and spices. It is served really tender – you fork it and it disintegrates easily. Same goes for the texture, it just melts! Tafelspitz is usually served with horseradish and sour cream or Apfelmus (apple puree), mine has potatoes instead of the apple puree along with the previous two. And because I have an ‘ok’ relationship with wasabi, I enjoyed the horseradish with the meat…clears out your nostrils really nicely too! ^_^

I’ve been looking for a photo of what dessert we had but can’t find one on my Instagram stream – where, by the way, I also share all these food photos! If you find yourself in Vienna, give me a call, I’ll walk you around and treat you to one of its local restaurants and let you have a taste of where the Habsburgs emperors and empresses once walked and what they had on their plates! 😉

posted for Food Friday.

Wienerwald Restaurants-Gesellschaft m.b.H
Annagasse 3
1010 Vienna, Austria
+43 1 5123766

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  1. You get lost but really know the places around or really lost? OMG do you carry a map or bring a friend who’s like a local in Vienna? If I were you, I would be scared to travel that way… huhu I don’t want to be trapped somewhere.

    The Schweinsbraten (how do you pronounce it?) looked delicious and filling. 🙂 The mashed potatoes looked super mashed, just the way I like it.

    1. hi sis! ehehe, nah I’ve lived long enough here so I do get lost on purpose…I could anyway easily get out and it’s a relatively safe city with good street layout and transportation system. 😉 It’s “Shwayns-bra-ten” like shwine – swine but with an h hehe. 😀

  2. well actually the title says more than just chicken yet I was still looking for a chicken as I read down ahaha, kidding aside a single meal is already good for two,and just merely looking at it I know it taste good too. How about the cost? Is it pricey?

    1. ahaha, I didn’t order chicken that time but their garlic roasted chicken (you can buy either whole or half) is the best. Price range per meal would be 14-20€ – lol, I forgot to include that…haha

  3. Getting lost sounds scary, but if it’s going to be in a city as beautiful as Vienna, I don’t mind getting lost , really. Haha! Love the food.. Now I am hungry. You just reminded me it’s time to cook dinner! Ugh! Haha!

  4. looks delicious at malalaki servings nila compared dito! lol
    sige pag pupunta kami dyan ikaw tour guide namin (dream mode). ;P

    thanks, and glad to “see” u again overat Food Friday, G

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