danube tower
Danube Tower – at 170m is a rotating restaurant

Zero degrees, blue skies and kids don’t have school  – perfect day to go out and enjoy some traditional Viennese cuisine at the Danube tower.

There are two revolving restaurants at the tower, one at 160 meters (called Panorama), which is more of a café and one at 170 meters (called Donauwalzer) which serves traditional Austrian cuisine. Gladly, we were able to be accommodated despite it being a holiday. (Reservations skyrocket on holidays so better call up first).

The elevator ride up is always fun – especially with the kids. They’d look up in amazement, not understanding how far we’ve gone up until they hear that “ding.”

my kids inside-looking out, up-looking down

Lovely 2 degrees, vienna skyUNO City
All the dried trees.Danube from atop

– more photos (bigger too) here

First photo on frame – view on our way to the tower’s entrance – very springy. Top right photo would be UNO city (United Nations Organization city) – housing the offices of the United Nations. Bottom left photo shows a man-made river by the Danube Park (hopefully) with all the trees still waiting for their leaves. Last photo, below right is the Danube river with a view of the houses and buildings surrounding it.

Ordering food also means waiting time, the best time to take photos of Vienna as the restaurant rotates. You get to see Vienna from east to west while sitting on your cozy chair. Inside the restaurant, you will get an idea at the area you are gazing at as there are signs indicating them. Kahlenberg, Stephansplatz, Stammersdorf and so on would be some you will be familiar with.

markers of important Viennese landmarks
potato soup
Wiener Schnitzel (veal)

We had the usual fare of potato soup, Wiener Schnitzel – veal that is, and I have to stress that this is protected by law, Schnitzel not made from veal should rightfully be identified by restaurants and not call them Wiener 🙂 – chicken schnitzel or pork schnitzel would be more like it. The servings are quite humongous – for small eaters like me, I shared one with my little boy.

We then had apfelstrudel, served in a generous lather of vanilla sauce sprinkled with sugar. Just perfect for a finish. And hubby, gulped down his meal with a cup of cappuccino.

After paying and tipping we went up the observation deck but the winds were too much up there we gave up too soon.  ^_^

Apfelstrudel bathing in vanilla sauce, danube tower
Apfelstrudel bathing in vanilla sauce
not Melange but Cappuccino

Donauturm Rotating Restaurant
Donauturmstraße 4,
1220 Vienna, Austria
+43 1 2633572