Chibog – it’s a slang Filipino word that could either mean food or eating. Looking through it today, I thought that maybe it originated from the Italian word for food, cibo. And it may not be impossible since Italian cuisine is always close to the heart of Filipinos…I for one – its simplicity is what I love most.


Thursday lunch, I found myself at D’Lounge in Donauzentrum with a visiting friend waiting at one of their cozy corner tables. I’ve always loved the ambiance in this particular branch. It’s warm and inviting and very homey too. I had been staying away from rice but seeing Pollo Hawaii on the menu made me forget how I have endured a month without it. I was delighted with the combination of bacon, chicken and pineapple. I went on mouthful one after the other – basmati rice, chicken, bacon, pineapple, bacon, rice, chicken, pineapple…well, not in that particular order. ^_^

Pollo Hawaii and canelloni
such big servings

D’Lounge has always been generous with their servings. I wasn’t surprised that my day’s companion would find it too much. He had spinach-filled Cannelloni baked to perfection, I was embarrassed at how my home version pale  in comparison.

Perhaps every bit of my attempt at Italian cuisine will be crushed in each and every dish at this wonderful restaurant. It’s alright though, I’d rather have my pasta or pollo eaten in satisfaction at a quiet corner here than fuss our kitchen restless.

Buon Cibo, good chibog!

Perfect Canelloni!
perfect canelloni
pollo hawaii
that pineapple chunk!

Wagramerstrasse 79 Top 601b,
Donau Plex, 1220 Wien
T +43 1 960 45 86