All You Can Eat Fresh Vietnamese Fare at Chap In


My love for Vietnamese food has grown so much through the years, there’s not a week that I don’t eat a Gỏi cuốn (summer roll), Chả giò or Nem rán (fried spring roll), or a simple mango salad of their specialty. I’ve learned to cook some of the easier dishes but whenever I feel like indulging in Phở, Bun Nem Ran, or just anything with shrimp and coriander, I go to Chap In, an eat-all-you-can Vietnamese restaurant near Vienna’s Westbahnhof.

Chap In is a buffet style restaurant where you get to have your meat and veggies grilled, wrap your own summer roll, and enjoy the freshness of mint and coriander on just about every bite you take.

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