Wacky at the Back-Factory

Mom-in-law lives near Nürnberg and we visited her some time ago. We decided to explore the city one Saturday. After an hour or more of walking around the old town, the kids asked for some doughnuts….knowing that  yummy doughnuts abound there, we indulged. We were to stay for only a week so might as well get our fix. We know that Dunkin Donuts have a number of branches in Germany but mostly on the upper side…Nürnberg and Fürth (where mil lives) is near Munich.

She suggested we try the new Konditorei/pastry shop that opened then, Back-Factory. Backen is the infinitive German word for to bake…so true to its name, they serve baked goodies of all sorts. We doubted the kids were hungry since we had a full breakfast earlier…and it was about 10:30 in the morning…I really thought they just wanted to have doughnuts.


This is basically what we had. A croissant for son2, a bagel for me, chocolate doughnut for son1, cinnamon doughnut for dawty, mini-baguette for mil and the other doughnut for hubby. He was so happy to go about the shop, a self-service type and got himself cappuccino.

They also serve fruit shakes from fresh produce, more like Slurpees. The two bigger kids got themselves each a glass; kiwi for son1 and lemon for dawty. I can’t remember why I didn’t get me some, I must still be so full. I didn’t eat the bagel, I took it home and ate it with cream cheese.

 I would have loved it with rucola and smoked salmon but I am not familiar with the neighborhood where mom-in-law lives. 😀 The bagel was soft and trying a bit of it without the cream cheese, I love it. It’s definitely on my list of “to bake.” As for the doughnuts, I think it’s good, or better than what we in Vienna usually have, oh, I did make some doughnuts this week and posted it here.

IMG_1409  IMG_1419.JPG


Son2 has a second name, it’s sleepyhead 🙂 and well, in this photo it was unintentional (lol). He’s happy eating his croissant, sitting with his dad on for what seem for him is a high chair. The pastry/cafe shop has those and regular chairs for well, I think, the older people.