How many plates (mini-plates) can we finish when we pig out at a running sushi restaurant? I would always lost count. These three could put up a tower every time and it’s really worth what I pay for. The various dishes and desserts served at running sushis are very wide…they always want to try each of them. Sorry for the photo quality, this is one of those moments I forgot to bring our bulky camera – every time I say, “I forgot the camera” the kids reply in chorus, “Iphone!” So I would use my Iphone to capture everything.

Not necessarily in order would be shrimp tempura, crisscut fries, maki rolls, nigiri-zushi, spring rolls and other deep-fried bite size goodness. It’s not often that we go and indulge so I think the cholesterol they get is not yet over the head. There are a number of running sushis in the city and there are 3 that we frequent. This one is at the mall near our place.

Those are our designated colors of soy sauce dipping container. Ebay colors?! Son2 would always have them, dip everything in soy sauce if he can, reason that he always end up drinking a lot too! (Good!)

Gyoza and steamed brocolli.


Steamed Mussels and mini-chicken schnitzel with lemon.

Chicken Toriyaki and spring rolls.


For dessert, we try to get them too but being full from the main dishes we would end up having very little. Here’s something that resembles majablanca but blander, milk with sago (tapioca pearls). Below would be something similar to turon, only smaller. They are bananas wrapped in batter and dip fried, served with honey. Son1 always gets those oranges which he said is easier to eat than satsumas and clementines.


Sunrise Kyoto Running Sushi,


Wagramer Straße 83-85
1220 Vienna, Austria
01 2043136