Whenever I crave for French macarons but I don’t have the lust to make them at home, I run to the nearest McCafe….which is fortunately 2 bus stations away from where we live. These almond treats (not coconuts, those are macaroons) have become our favorite and I’m starting to master it at home albeit tedious and the chance to be successful is, let’s say, only 40%! The most favorite would be lemon and strawberry and those two are also what I’ve been mastering.
One Friday afternoon, the kids and I agreed to drop by and have tea and milk, desserts included. We were surprised about the new addition to macarons, brownies and cookies, there’s this moist looking cupcake being sold at 1.69€ (2.45$).
Curiosity got the better of me, I really liked how they used baking paper as cupcake tins. ^_^ I got me one plus two macarons each for the boys (sold at 0.89cents = 1.29$). I’ve had some of their cakes before and their definitely not for my sweet tongue because german/austrian desserts tend to be sour compared to ours.
Though the Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte (Black Forest Cherry cake) is a german original, I prefer our version; not too much kirschwater that destroys the sweetness of the cake.
So moist! Like devil’s foodcake in a bite! The frosting was also tasty complementing the cake base so well. I surely found something to look forward to when I visit back….I do hope that I find a recipe for a cupcake as moist and soft as this. I’ve got a cupcake recipe that I plan to modify a bit…but that would have to wait for now. (I’m transferring my other blog.)
Oh, I’m not the only one who enjoys McCafe, the kids get free hot milk all the time and if the server is nice, he or she would put some chocolate on top!
McCafe Vienna