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Our visit to the Haus des Meeres wouldn’t be complete without some food…and to think that we went there about lunch time…We sought the restaurant at the 4th floor. We get to view the people walking below and the cars passing by as one side is all glass. The menu isn’t much so we got the usual finger foods – Chicken Schnitzel and fries for the two bigger kids while little had burger and fries…I’d say it out loud the burger and fries where bland… 😛 And that’s the reason why the salt and pepper shakers where there, you get to put them yourselves since you are the only one who knows your preference. (lol)


Aside from being tasteless, the food is a bit expensive for — well, the taste, not so worth it. Even a bottled iced tea that costs 0.80 cents outside was 2euro. Next time I’ll make sure we’ve eaten already before going up and down the stairs…