My son is in love with macarons. Whenever we’re out he would request for some. He loves the lemon-flavored ones in particular but he’ll eat strawberry or chocolate just the same.
Saturday before Kuya O went back to Japan he met with us and took us to a Konditorei (pastry shop) in the middle of the city, Gerstner. IT was where I first got acquainted with macarons years ago. Shortly after I arrived in the city hubby tour me around and we end up at Gerstner and got my first macaron 😀 it was love at first bite…then, I only got my daughter in tow. 🙂  I seldom got the chance to get back and my attempt to make macarons where perhaps 1 out of 10! 🙁
Gerstner is popular to locals and tourists alike. After shopping, one can get a good cup of coffee, a cupcake or a slice of cake and of course, macarons. At first bite of their macaron, you’ll know your having the best…theirs is of course a legend in Vienna…the creation of sweetness dates back as far as 1847 when Anton Gerstner founded his confectionery.
He became the official caterer (of sweets) to many of the Hapsburgs and other known figure in history, delivering his “creations” so to speak  to the the Imperial Palace, The Belvedere and the Schönbrunn Palace among others. Most notable would be their 53rd time in 2009 as caterer for the Viennese State Opera‘s yearly Opernball (Opera Ball). A real darling of the elite.
Thank God that even though I’m not one of the elites I was able to taste their macarons and Apfelstrudel. The place could be a bit crowded on Saturdays but you’ll enjoy it just the same.

If you happen to come by the city, let me know and I’ll treat you to a cup of cappucino. 😉




Happy Anniversary fellow foodies!

Gerstner Catering Betriebs GmbH

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Tel.: +43 1 743 44 22
Fax: +43 1 743 44 22-7818
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