This year’s summer definitely came so late and was spent too short! Gone just like that and spent with rains too. On those days when it really gets hot – which I don’t complain about really, I try to get me some frozen yogurt. Shops selling them sprouted like mushrooms in a span of 3 years and even ice cream parlors and gelateria offer them too. There are two shops I frequent though.

What I like about frozen yogurts/froyo is that they go well with fruit flavors. I’m not so certain about what they say about froyos – I’m sure yogurt as is is healthy and when food is taken in moderation, it’s alright. So here are some of the frozen yogurt I had – some  I forgot to take photos of, others I can’t find the photos of. ^_^

froyo blueberries

With blueberries. Blueberries are power-fruits. They contain essential dietary mineral manganese, vitamin C, vitamin K and dietary fiber . This was  bought from a funny Italian polyglot at a smaller Zanoni and Zanoni parlor offering just frozen yogurt – it is opposite the bigger and more famous gelateria which serves ice cream, gelato and a lot more of Italian sweet goodness.

fruits of the season

Pardon my nail’s color, already cracked on second day. :/  This one is vanilla yogurt and some fruits of the season! It’s from the Tuchlauben Eissalon – I got a piccolo but this looks venti instead. Their selection is so far the best I’ve seen, they even have gelato with macaron toppings!Continue Reading…