Last Sunday I was scavenging our fridge for anything to grill. The hubby had a sudden craving for teppanyaki…Good thing there was enough, I found salmon fillets, shrimp, baby octopus, paprika and other veggies. I also had some noodles to go with it. Good enough I say, well more than good actually…we love seafood and noodles so it goes to say that this was definitely a delectable one if not ambrosial. 🙂


A good friend of mine who has been in California some years now went back home (Cavite) for a vacation,  she met with our other friends, admittedly I was jealous and happy seeing them (photos). They met at a grill resto and from the photos I could tell how much fun they all had. It’s thanks to Facebook that we have been reconnected with our grade school, highschool or college/uni friends and colleagues. Many of my friends have been uploading photos of  get togethers. They say highschool could be the most exciting experience among the three, might not be for all but surely,  the ones who’d stick the most with you are definitely your highschool friends and classmates.  This is a photo of 1/4 of our highschool class. Believe it or not, we were about 50 😀 …some have had families while others are still single, hopefully planning their own wedding soon. Some have migrated somewhere but it’s always good to know that we’ve kept in contact with each other.

(I miss them much!)

I jokingly said that because I was not there to eat with them, we had Grill at home too, but really it was a coincident.

Anyway, I only had sesame oil last Sunday and a bit of soy sauce to spice the grilled pieces up. You all know by now how much a lover of Salmon I am, I could eat it raw, grilled, baked or however it is served and it will still be yummy…I’m glad that the kids share the same passion. Salmonn is anyway a good source of omega 3. I also loved the sweetness of the paprika (which is the only red thing that qualifies for Ruby Tuesday!) especially when a bit burned. What delighted the kids were the mini octopuses that kept standing up as they got cooked…they wondered if those were actually alive…