Daughter at a running sushi restaurant some summers ago.


As the title says I would focus on why an eat-all-you-can buffet is best when dining out with kids. You’d think storm and women are fickle-minded? Kids would beat anyone in this department! They’d go, I like this and I like that but after a few minutes they’d go, oh I don’t really want this! 😀 Same  goes with food…if it doesn’t appeal to them, you can’t have them eat.


Sometimes, it would happen when we order ala carte that the kids end up with leftovers which I’d get disappointed about. So then when  we’re out and they call out “I’m hungry mom” we opt for a buffet or running sushi restaurant in the vicinity.


Buffets have a lot to offer starting from appetizers as soup, salad, chips or spring rolls and other finger food to rice, noodles and desserts. What my kids like though would be sushi and maki rolls. I’m very certain that they get to eat a lot when those are served.


I feel that spending for an eat-all-you-can buffet is more than worth it, especially since I pay for “kids” but they have as much appetite as I do. 😀

Counting her plates! Nah, I think I have my share there too. 😀





Little boy ready to dig in his plate, the contents of which he chose himself.




Her favorite sake-zushi after the first day of  this year’s ice skating lessons. She was really hungry after the session.